The Rocktastic Corduroy Peach

The Rocktastic Corduroy Peach—big schemes, big dreams and some really big drama-queens.

The first book in the Corduroy Peach trilogy.

For Marcus Mason, young at heart guitarist with unsigned rock band Corduroy Peach, life is just one big shit-sandwich. The status of rock ‘n’ roll legend has thus far eluded him and, with the psychological milestone of his thirtieth birthday fast approaching, the chance of hitting the big time seems ever more remote.

Struggling to give up the damned cigarettes and haunted by the specter of an unhappy divorce, he hates his day job as a dog food salesman and wishes he could pluck up the courage to ask out gorgeous but nerdy Oxford student, Rose Finer.

When a throwaway comment by local celebrity Radium Mars puts Corduroy Peach briefly into the limelight, Marcus finds himself competing with suave drummer Dermot for Rose’s affections, and fighting to remain in the band as insufferable singer Danny-boy tries to maneuver him out.

Not willing to let go of his dreams easily, Marcus struggles to work out if this is the beginning of the big-time or the beginning of the end, a question that can only be answered in a final showdown with Radium.

Warning, this title contains the following: foul language, strong sex references, mild drug references, cruelty to a cuddly toy, outrageous melodrama and poor personal hygiene.



Published by:Samhain Publishing Ltd




Publication Date:March, 2008




Publication Date:May 29, 2007

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What they are saying...

"A great little book"

"I like the author's breezy style and sense of humor...I'm going to steal some of his punchlines, heh"

Michael Paul Amos creates a read that allows emotions of love, hate, desire and grabbing and holding onto dreams to surface.

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