Tracy Dwayne Jocelyn Higgs has a problem. Not only is he a Security Officer saddled with a girl’s name, he has awoken to find himself in a vast, futuristic shopping mall with no recollection of how he came to be there.

Worse still, the mall is under almost constant terrorist attack. Homeland, the maternalistic and insane security computer, operates a permanent state of emergency and none of the other terrified inhabitants of the place have any idea how they came to be there or how to get out.

Stalked by the obsessive femme fatale Mandy, shadowed by the annoying Information Officer Simms and in love with the no-nonsense Doctor Jodi Francis, Higgs must find out where he is, get in touch with his feminine side and save the inhabitants of the mall before he is terminated for his own security and well being.

Genre:Science Fiction/Humour


Published by:Samhain Publishing Ltd




Publication Date:September 19th, 2006




Publication Date:June 27, 2006

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What they are saying...

"A ripping yarn...Homeland is funny, satirical, different, yet reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead, Alien, 1984, and a few other books and movies thrown in."

"Amos makes this perverse world come alive...the reader is pulled along with the fast action and an ending you couldn’t possibly see coming."

"This story is put together wonderfully, with all the satiric elements and humor coming together for a most entertaining tale...of the Shopping Mall of Doom."

"The more I read, the more I laughed...It's a wild run through pop culture and the Patriot Act that'll keep you laughing on the edge of your seat, hanging on for dear life and listening for the subtly threatening voice of Homeland Security."

"This story definitely has an intriguing approach…adding in themes of fear of terrorism, shopping mall society, and other current issues. I recommend it…this is definitely a page-turner novel; this reviewer couldn’t stop till the end."

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