Michael Amos

About Michael Amos

Send me an email at mike [dot] amos at michaelamos [dot] net. I'd love to hear from you. You can also sign my Book of Condolences.

I live with my family in Oxfordshire, where I divide my time between the IT industry and writing. I have written articles for a variety of newspapers, magazines and web sites, on subjects as diverse as woolly mammoths and belly-dancing (believe me, you simply haven't lived until you've seen a belly-dancing woolly mammoth).

My previous fictional works include the short screenplay "Sales manager of the Year, 2130", produced by Lunah Productions and funded by the Galway Film Council, Ireland, in 2004. Also, the short screenplay "Best Shot", produced by White Dolphin Films in 2006.

"Homeland", my first science-fiction novel, was published by Samhain Publishing Ltd in 2006. A cautionary tale from the Shopping Mall of Doom, it is a partly satirical but mostly daft take on the heady cocktail of paranoia and reckless consumerism eroding society. I am working on what can loosely be described as a sequel.

My first contemporary novel, "The Rocktastic Corduroy Peach", was published by Samhain Publishing Ltd in March 2008. Set in my adopted home town of Oxford, it is an amoral tale of four dysfunctional men in an amateur indie-rock band. There are a surprising number of these in Oxford...

On the whole, I shouldn't grumble but, nonetheless, would like to lodge a formal complaint with God.